Question 1 - Why is it so hard to get my child to go to bed, so he can sleep?

ANSWERS: a.) He is afraid of missing something the adults are doing!  I am concerned he is not getting in the right number of hours he needs.  (This lack of sleep is evident by how tough it is to get him to wake up in the morning.)

SOLUTIONS: a.) Currently, I sit in his room and do computer work, like I a am doing right now.  He recently informed me: "Mom is better than television because her voice is better and she talks while she works."  I guess that is an awesome compliment!

Before this new solution, I would leave the TV on and he could fall asleep by TV sounds or music; however, it really was not doing the trick and I know from past readings this was not a great solution.  Any screen: tv, computer, cell phone, i-pad etc plays havoc on our mind at night.  The blue light affects us.  In re-reading various articles it was worse than I thought, the research states one should shut off screens "two to three hours before bed." OMG, this is not good!  (I am not really following this advice myself.)

Yes, we are now in the midst of changing our behaviours.  

6:00 PM - Dinner

7:00 PM - Homework/piano practice

7:30 PM - Get ready for bed

8:00 PM - Read

8:30 PM - Lights are out.

Oh, so not easy to do....but we are trying!  

--End of Question.

Further research regarding Blue Light & Number of sleep hours children need: (as of 6/4/18)

MsRubinChats' gentle comments:

1.) I believe preparing your child(ren) to what is expected in the evening helps with prepping for the

      inevitable bedtime.    Thoughts?

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