One-on-One Coaching!

Never have time to get caught up or learn a new technology? Look no farther, Ms Rubin can assist you in reaching your personal goals.  

Office Training

My Strength are my passions


No matter how old or how young.

We strive to identify and solve a client's  problem(s) by providing useful information and tools that can be integrated into one's business strategy as a means to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations.

Find out how we can help you and your business improve organizational effectiveness ~ call us today!

In the Classroom

Business/Educational Solutions

Running a business has its challenges, but with a dedicated team behind you, solutions to common management issues can easily be reached.

My Goal

To improve your organization's performance, provide training for a successful business, or educational strategy, or to assist in your personal goals.

The Vision

Hiring a consultant is easy!

Whether you want help training your employees, or teach a class, or one-on-one coaching, I have a proven track record in assisting you to reach your goals!                 

Cindy Rubin

Years of business experience:   40+

Years of education experience: 10+

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