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About: Ms. Rubin 

Family and community orientated; appreciative and collaborative by nature; evolving, exploring, discovering, and still learning. Lover of the human experience and enjoy sharing the discoveries.  Catch my contributions in the blogs, the tweets, the postings, and the chatter as: MsRubinChats.  Do share your findings and lets build a better tomorrow!  A believer in humanity and our future.  (AKA: Tikkun olam | תקון עולם)  

  • When you explore my site, I hope you will leave feeling part of our greater community: Earth.
  • ​Please, join in the fun and contribute. Lets make a positive difference because we are here and can.


Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, I'm only as good as my last comment/chatter and engagement with you.



We all bring something uniquely special to the table.

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